Our ingredients



We are convinced that the quality of finished products is strictly linked to the quality of raw materials.

This is why our products are the result of several months of research and questioning.

We have developed our recipes by seeking what our land already offers us.
Then, when it was essential to seek elsewehere, we looked for suppliers able to ensure the full traceability of the ingredients.

Today we want to share the results of our work with you. Below, you can see the origin of each raw material used in our products.


Rice flour*, E.O. Lavender*, E.O. Wild Pine*, E.O. Peppermint*, White* and Red Clays*, Provence ocher*, Activated charcoal, Grape seeds*, Grapeseed oil*, Carrot macerat*, Spirulina *, Corn starch*, Castor oil*.


E.O. Bergamot*, E.O. Mandarin*, Hazelnut Oi*, Sweet Almond Oil *, Vegetable Stearin*, Vegetable Glycerin*.


Olive Oil*, H.E. Eucalyptus *.


Rhassoul*, H.E. Palmarosa*, H.E. Cèdre de l’Atlas*.




Coconut Oil* (Fair Trade), Shea Butter*, Cocoa Butter*, Urucum* (Fair Trade), Jojoba Oil* (Fair Trade), Sesame Oil*, SCI.

*ingredients from organic farming

We want our project to be as collaborative as possible. If you are or you know a sustainable producer of raw materials, do not hesitate to contact us at info@sternartica.com !

We can build, together, the basis of a more sustainable cosmetics.

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Our natural cosmetics are handmade, with passion, in Provence. The respect for the environment is the chore of our business. That’s why we take care of every detail and we try to minimize our impact on this wonderful planet.