Cosmetics for everybody, nature included.

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With the growing threats of climate change, businesses need to take real action. And that’s exactly what we want to do.



We share with you our choices in order to build, together, the cosmetics of tomorrow.



of the environment as well as of all of our stakeholders.



We take care of the smallest detail: from the choice of raw materials to the delivery of our products.



We choose our raw materials according to their properties and their origin.

Why Sternartica?

First of all, it’s an Italian name because Federica, the founder, is Italian.

“Sterna artica” means arctic tern in Italian. The arctic tern is a migratory bird that weighs only 100 grams. With its small body, it holds the record of the species that travels the longest distance on its migrations. In fact, the Arctic Tern travels from the Arctic to the Antarctic every year to enjoy the sunniest days on our planet. In only thirty years, this little bird travels more than 2.4 million kilometers. Which corresponds to three round trips to the Moon.

The arctic tern teaches us that no one is too small to do big things. The arctic tern shows us that if we want to, we can really change the world.

The founder

Hello and thank you!

Thanks for being here.

STERNARTICA was born from my love for nature, the pleasure I feel every time I formulate a cosmetic and my desire to revolutionize the way in which we take care of our body.

I deeply believe in the power of small revolutionary behaviour. And I am also convinced of the fact that cosmetics can become a more sustainable field.

Each recipe is created with passion. Each supplier is carefully chosen. The aim is to ensure that raw materials are farmed in accordance with the principles of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

I also manage the creation of each batch, in small quantities, so that I can rigorously monitor the quality of the final result.

The STERNARTICA adventure has just begun. Come change the world with us!

See you soon,


Cosmetics made by hand, with passion, in Provence.