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Our soap bars

Carefully designed to delight your eyes, your skin and the planet.


CLAIR DE LUNE – 9,00 €

Mild soap for sensitive skins


Nostalgia – 9,90 €

Exfoliating soap


GRENADA – 9,90 €

Revitalizing soap

Clair de Lune


Detox soap

ELIXIR – 9,90 €

Antioxidant soap

Our shampoo bars

At the same pH as our scalp and with one – and just one – surfactant, the SCI, the softest on the market.


ZEFIR – 14,90 €

Dry or curly hair


ATLAS – 14,90 €

Oily hair


NEPTUNE – 14,90 €


Our products reflect our values.

We manufacture cosmetics that will please you and the planet.

While it is very important to reduce our use of plastic, we believe that we should not move the problem elsewhere. This is why we create healthy cosmetics, designed with ingredients that do not pollute our waters.

Furthermore, our raw materials are mostly organic, local or from Fair Trade businesses.

As you may see, we really want a better future and a more responsible world.

Sternartica is a partner of

Time for the Planet

Because alone we go faster. Together, we go further.

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